Meet Folake Dr O Oluokun, MD, CHPC

I am an Emergency Room physician, and bring that dedication to detail and hard-earned wisdom to work with individuals as their Certified High Performance Coach.  I look forward to talking with you.

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Born in London, United Kingdom
Raised in Lagos, Nigeria
Resides in Greenbrier, Arkansas

As a Certified High Performance Coach empowering REAL CHANGE in people's lives is as an emergency medicine physician, human behavioral consultant and motivational speaker.

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and a member of the JMT since Feb 2014. She was one of the Coaches who qualified to join The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation initiative for Nation Transformation in Paraguay in 2016 and Costa Rica in 2018

She helps individuals DISCover and maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses in order to S.T.O.P. (Stay True On Purpose).

Dr Folake Oluokun ( for-lark-ay. Ohh-loo-ohh-koon) is affectionately known as Dr O to her clients and friends, Momma O to her children and family and as of March 2019 G’Momma O to her 1st and most favorite grandson Zeke and granddaughter Jonelle.

She's a single parent to her most favorite daughter Debbie and her 5 sons (including 2 stepsons).

As a Cancer conqueror since 2004
Dr O runs her RACE with GRACE like a RACE horse that's RUNning to WIN!!!


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